Recover your health and experience complete
well-being with Ayurveda!

Immerse yourself in the vitality that blossoms when we connect to the ancient wisdom of the life science.

Ayurveda is an invitation to individual harmony, recommended for everyone looking for a holistic way of taking care of themselves. This ancient tradition adapts to each person and operates through the harmonization of the doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

The focus is on maintaining this balance to prevent disease and promote well-being. Practices include a personalized diet, medicinal herbs, exercises, detoxification programmes, meditation techniques and a focus on a daily routine aligned with the natural rhythms of the body, age group and geographical position in which you find yourself.

Ayurvedic Therapy Package

For your well-being journey, I offer a package of 3 sessions, with the option of adding extra 45-minute sessions, enabling a smooth and flexible continuity throughout your therapeutic process. To complement, explore our extra products, such as teas, oils and tonics, created with care.

How the process works


We begin our journey with a conversation via Zoom, to get to know each other better and clarify any doubts that you might have.


Before our first consultation, you will share some health information with me through a simple questionnaire, facilitating a deeper dialogue during the initial consultation.


In our approximately 1h30 initial conversation, we will explore your physical, mental history, diet and lifestyle, and in the end, together, we will put together a treatment plan that fits into your daily life in a gentle and practical way.

Subsequent sessions, used over up to 3 months, will be dedicated to refinement and adaptation, ensuring a comfortable and engaging process. We will work together for as long as you need me. 


After our conversation,
you will have access to:


Personalised recommendations aligned with your dosha and the objectives that we outline during the consultation to easily integrate into your daily habits and food preferences;


A herbal prescription adapted to your unique context, which may include oils, tablets, powder preparations, teas, tonics, among others;


A list of foods in PDF and some inspiring recipes, to make everything even more practical!


During the 3 months of your treatment, there will be support and accountability along the way via email should we need to calibrate or discuss anything between consultations.

These resources will not only enrich our therapeutic journey, but also offer valuable tips on how to enjoyably incorporate healthy foods into your daily life.

Schedule a conversation and start nurturing a more conscious relationship with your health!

Connect and allow yourself to go deeper on this path of discoveries and solutions. I’m here to make this process beneficial, accessible and intuitive for you!

Frequently asked questions

What is Ayurveda?

Ayur = life
Veda = science, philosophy, knowledge
Ayurveda is a philosophy of life that involves prevention and cure at its roots

What is Panchakarma? Can it be done at home?

Pancha – means 5

Karma – action

Panchakarma consists of 5 deep Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments to detoxify the body, mind and emotions. It should not be done at home as it is an in-depth treatment that involves a long period (generally 3 weeks) in a residential setting where the patient will stay in a panchakarma clinic under the personalized care of a doctor or Ayurvedic therapist trained in panchakarma. Ayurveda therapists need specialization in panchakarma to be able to apply it.


What is the difference between Ayurveda and conventional medicine?

Ayurveda differs from conventional medicine in 3 key points.

1. Ayurveda treats the patient as a whole: body, mind and emotions in an individualized way

2.Ayurveda treats the patient and not the disease

3.Ayurveda always treats the root of the problem to solve them once and for all instead of just treating the symptoms.


Can Ayurveda really cure chronic problems?

Yes, Ayurveda can reverse cases of chronic diseases most of the time, as it treats the root of these problems. The sooner the patient implements Ayurvedic guidelines, the greater the chances of reversing chronic problems that cannot be resolved in conventional medicine.


How does Ayurveda work?

Ayurveda is a holistic prevention and healing system that promotes longevity with health and vitality. We say Ayurveda is a way of life.

In Ayurveda we use the 4 basic pillars: food, sleep, physical movement and connection with yourself to identify the best foods and activities for your Dosha and your type of digestion. Digestion is a central point in the health of each individual and so it is necessary to identify your digestive type and eat according to your Dosha and digestion.

The detoxification process is also an important pillar that is always present in Ayurvedic treatments.


What are the benefits of Ayurveda?

A conscious and appropriate diet for your physical type and your demands

Efficient digestion
Better assimilation of nutrients
Vitality and energy
Healthy longevity
Excellent Immunity
Balanced mind and emotions
Clarity of thought and focus
Restful sleep

Do I need to be vegetarian?

No. Ayurveda views all foods as medicine and for certain people and at certain times, animal meat is recommended.

How to choose an Ayurveda professional?

Look for professionals who provide professional credentials, such as places and teachers where they took their courses. Give preference to professionals who studied Ayurveda in person, through internships and having participated in clinics with real patients face-to-face. In most countries there is no professional body that accredits Ayurveda professionals, so care is necessary. Look for a recommendation from someone who has already undergone treatment with the professional you chose. See the feedback on Google, and the professional’s history. See if he offers a Discovery Call so you can get to know each other and see if there is empathy between you. This is essential for the success of the treatment.

Can the Ayurveda consultation be online?

Yes, an online consultation is sufficient for a complete diagnosis of the patient. The patient can send a photo of the tongue for the practitioner to analyse. The only disadvantage is that the practitioner will not be able to analyse the patient’s pulse, which is widely used in Ayurveda to determine Dosha and imbalances. However, it is very rare to find a qualified professional to perform Nadi Pariksha (pulse reading) as this skill requires years of study and practice with very  few teachers available to teach the technique and supervise the student for the time necessary for them to learn masterfully.


“I believe in destiny. I first met Vivian in the magical and holy city of Rishikesh in India. She was very friendly, approachable and bursting with knowledge. It was during this trip I became more and more interested in the Ayurveda way of life. Working with Vivian has been the most beautiful, enjoyable and amazing journey which has truly enriched my life beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Vivian so don’t hesitate…get in touch with her. Thank you so much Vivian! “


– Neil Palmer

“I can highly recommend Vivian and the spring cleanse programme she has created. A great way to learn about Ayurveda and its impact on your health. Give your system a reboot through this ancient practise of medicine and healing.

– Simon Clark

“Vivian is absolutely amazing! She’s been helping me since January 21, and thanks to her patience and guidance I’m now able to much better manage my IBS. She has helped me transform my diet and identify my main triggers. I go back to her twice a year for a tune-in at least! I have recommended to other friends, yoga teachers, and students. And will keep doing so. “

– Luisa Zamboni

“I have been working with Vivian for almost a year now. By excellent, clear, sensible advice, and the selective and intelligent use of herbs, she has helped me understand and manage a persistent and disruptive skin complaint which was affecting my sleep badly. In the process, my overall health has improved, I am at a steady and healthy weight for the first time for years, and my body and mind (to the extent they are distinct!) function better together. I have recommended Vivian to several friends.”


– John Grant