Unleash the potential
within you!

Discover a path of lightness and abundance. Access Consciousness Bars allows you to reset your mind so you can experience a life with joy, clarity and peace.

At each session you turn down your mind’s volume progressively removing the limiting beliefs created by your mind or your akashic records. Open space for the new to reach and allow each session to be a step towards a fuller life!

Banstead -Surrey/UK

Discover this therapy

Access Consciousness Bars is a gentle and efficient therapy for treating emotional issues, such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, family problems and eating disorders, providing deep relaxation and emotional balance. The process facilitates the dissolution of limiting patterns and beliefs, promoting detoxification and emotional balance.



Increased calm, peace, and relaxation


Greater mental clarity


More restful sleep


Increased energy


Lower stress and body tension


Less reactivity


Reduced limiting thoughts, beliefs, and feelings

How the sessions work

During Access Consciousness Bars sessions, which generally last 60 minutes and take place in person, you lie down comfortably on a massage table while I gently touch 31 specific points on your head and 1 on your feet. .

This technique acts as a powerful cleansing, allowing you to free yourself from rigid views, fears, memories, limiting beliefs and other unwanted energies. It is a practice that aims to dissolve the “energetic trash” that we accumulate, providing a feeling of freedom and clarity!

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The investment for an Access Consciousness Bars session, lasting 60 minutes, is £60.


“I would highly recommend VidaAyuverda. My 16 year old daughter had been having persistent digestive problems, and we consulted Vivian at the start of this year. Her knowledge and explanation of Ayuverda medicine made us feel instantly comforted, inspired and hopeful.

Vivian is a wonderful Ayurvedic practitioner, very attentive and supportive, and was always available for further advice. With Vivian’s guidance on diet, herbal remedies and Access Bars sessions my daughter has had no more digestive concerns for over 2 months and knows how to keep her Pitta Dosha in balance.

Thank you Vida Ayurveda for bringing balance to her health and well-being on such an important GCSE year!”


– Katherine Digance